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Low Voltage Switchgears
Low-voltage switchgear is available here and is commonly used to provide low-voltage motor control centers, low-voltage switchboards, and various branch and feeder circuits. The switchgears are used for providing the energy for critical applications in petrochemical, utilities and water treatment.

ABB Soft Starters
The ABB soft starters (low voltage) have a torque control feature which is instrumental in enabling the best possible pump stop. This is highly beneficial in avoiding difficulties with water pounding and pressure spikes.

Electrical Panels
We are offering electrical panels of various types. Here, APFC is an automated power factor control panel which is known for maximizing the power factor as required by the application. This is done by automatically switching on and off the relevant capacitor bank units.

AC Drive Panel
This AC Drive Panel is offered in the power range of 800 kW to 500 MW. This is used in the industries of injection molding and beverage. Also, it is used in a large number of private institutions and colleges.

Control Panel
We are offering electrical control panels that are basically a cabinet that houses electrical components that are used to operate motors and other types of machinery. Their purpose is to regulate every piece of machinery in every business.

Electronic Relays
Electronic relays or overload relays are useful for ensuring that motors are reliably protected, and it is easy to make the starters. All these relays are known for having optimized compatibility with ABB contactors.

Low Tension Panels
Main LT panels or low tension panels are known for specially built ACDBs with IP65 protection. These are known for having good resistance to vibration, moisture, and temperature. These panels transfer the controls to an electric device and transmission board. 

Power Contactors
You can send an inquiry for power contactors, which are electrical gadgets that use specific relays to turn circuits on and off. These products are more prevalent and have applications in electric motors with many connections, also known as contacts.

Bus Ducts
We are offering two types of bus duct, wherein segregated bus ducts are known for having barriers between phases. In the segment of heavy industrial applications, there is a use of isolated phase bus duct along with generators and transformers.